G-Shots Firearms Training offers basic, advanced and personal firearms safety trainings to all intrested persons, groups, agencies and departments.Our courses are conducted in a very relaxed and friendly environment, while emphasizing safety both in class and at the ranges. Every effort is made to ensure that the courses meet your needs.GSHOTS Firearms Training will keep the number of students in each class at a minimum, so that you can recieve personal attention from our instructors and coaches. Trainings are very affordable for both NRA & Non-NRA courses.
         It is designed so that you may continue to build your skills throughout. Each course is scheduled mostly during evenings of the week days at the hours of 600pm for the instructional part and weekends usually for shooting clinics only. Focusing on allowing to make weekend just for shooting, making the experience much more enjoyable.Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable learning environment that encourages progress as you learn about your firearm(s) and safety. You will enjoy developing your shooting skills, situational awarenes and becoming a responsible firearms owner.



NRA Basic Shooter & Instructor Candidate Courses

NRA Basic Pistol Phase 1 & 2                           NRA Basic Rifle
NRA FIRST Step Rifle                                       NRA FIRST Step Shotgun
NRA Basic Shotgun                          NRA Home Firearms Safety
NRA Personal Protection Inside               NRA Range Saftey Officer                    


Boys Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor (Rifle & Shotgun)

.22LR/12 &20 Gauge