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Flatliners 2017

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Five medical students holding what is outside the boundaries of life are accompanied by a courageous experiment: from stopping their hearts, for a short time, each causes close experience of death and gives them an emergency life after death.

FlatlinersAfilm results of the same title in the 1990 group of medical students start “near death” -experience experiment to see if everything is from the outside. The group follows the physical manifestations of childhood and early sinsRecent tragedies, life threatening, I do not know whether what we are experiencing is true or hallucination.


Classification: NA

General Release Date: September 28, 2017

Genre: Drama / Horror / Science Fiction

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Release Poland

Cast: Ellen Page, DiegoGirl, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev

Type: 2D

Flatliners 2017

Torrent rating 29 4

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